YungBlud- ‘WEIRD!’ | Album Review


YungBlud releases second studio album ‘WEIRD!’ to wrap up 2020

It’s here! Yungblud’s second studio album Weird! Which was released on December 3rd 2020. Weird! has definitely gone in a new direction. A brighter and more uplifting feel than Yungblud’s previous projects 21st Century Liability and  The Underrated Youth EP

Weird! is brighter and more playful when it comes to artwork and music videos. It’s also more diverse in sound with the mix of genres that are running through the album.  In an interview, YungBlud told NME that the “diverse” album was “like an episode of Skins“.  

In this album, Yungblud bounces between different emotions for example ‘Cotton Candy’ an upbeat and flirty dedication to sexual liberation. The song is more on the pop spectrum than the rest of the album but it definitely doesn’t sacrifice any of its edge while doing so and ‘Strawberry Lipstick’ a song that has all the attitude that we expect from a YungBlud song. With strong punk influences, and a lot of energy I can only imagine how well this song would work live. The song is incredibly catchy with melodic top lines and gritty guitar riffs this song is the perfect all-rounder. 

And then in contrast  ‘Quiet In Beverly Hills’ I knew it was going to be one of the songs I will be playing on repeat, in this song YungBlud sings about the struggle he’s faced with fame, the song being pretty stripped back for a YungBlud song with just guitar, vocals, and strings in the background. 

In ‘Mars’ Yungblud tells the story of a trans woman he met while on tour in 2018, “She told me how her parents had come to the show with her, and how seeing our community helped them to understand that her coming out as trans wasn’t just a phase – this is who she really was,”

The opening and closing songs of this album definitely make their mark. The opening song of the album is ‘Teresa’ which starts of slow and slightly melancholy, however busts into a full arrangement with a catchy ear worm of a chorus hook. The closing song on this album is “Freak Show” strong influences from Freddy Mercury, Lady Gaga, and David Bowie come through on this track. 

At the core of every track is a message of empowerment and encouragement to his fans. Overall Weird! is a strong follow-up album. The new era of YungBlud is refreshing to see.

Words by Holly Sawal

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