Wild Youth talk favourite venues, Irish artists to look out for and more! | Interview

Photo by Ray Keough

Wild Youth stop by and answer some quick questions about music!

1. Hey guys! First up can you introduce yourselves – who does what? 

David Whelan Vocals 
Conor O Donohoe vocals & piano
Edward Porter guitar & vocals
Callum McAdam drums 

2. How would you summarise your sound in three words?

Crying whilst dancing

3. Which artists would you say are your greatest influences? 

Prince, Bowie, The Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones. 

4. What made you want to get into music? 

The love of writing songs and performing them. 

5. You’ve just released your single ‘Through the Phone’ (which is great!). What’s the track based on? 

Thank you. It’s based on separation. It’s about being away from somebody you love and not being able to see them through this time. Promising them you will love them everyday until you can see each other again. 

6. How did you find writing music in lockdown? 

Ok actually, there are lots of emotions in reserve lol 

7. Where was the best venue you’ve ever played and why? 

Royal Albert Hall, Croke park or Coliseu de Lisboa in Lisbon. 

8. Are there any fellow upcoming Irish bands that we need to get listening to?

Luz Corrigan, JC Stewart, Ryan Mack

9. If you could have written one album, what would it be and why?

Prince by Prince

10. What do you have in store for the future? Anything exciting that we should know?! 

More music and hopefully more shows.

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