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Cobain Jones 2020

Cobain Jones caps off a busy year with ‘Wonder’ and gets Single of the Week!

Greater Manchester songsmith Cobain Jones has been on a bit of a roll recently and he’s dropped his latest release “Wonder“. Fans of Cobain will be familiar with this track which featured on his recent unplugged collection of songs but now it’s been given the full production job.

Produced at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool by James Skelly of The Coral this is another upbeat radio friendly track which like previous cut “Hooked” you’ll be humming to after one listen. This is another tune that has benefitted from first class production with clarity in vocals and a cheery backing tune.

It has a chorus which is infectious and has an optimistic 80s style vibe. It might just be me but the outro also made me think of “Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others” by The Smiths. Both the unplugged versions and this revamped version are outstanding by a supremely gifted artist.

Hopefully 2021 will be the year Cobain can take his amazing talent back on the road and I for one can’t wait.

Wonder” is available on all digital platforms to purchase or stream.

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