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PLAY DEAD release fantastic follow up to’Shaun’ with equally chaotic ‘Six Hours Later’

When I started writing this review, I’d just gotten in from a long day at work, opened up a can of beer and I was thoroughly done; I just needed something sounding furious to keep my mind off my day. Do you know that feeling when you just want to absolutely lose it and head bang until you get whiplash? I played ‘Six Hours Later’ by Play Dead for the very first time, and there it was, the holy grail. 

‘Six Hours Later’ starts with straight-talking shredding guitar, hard-hitting enough to make you listen (would it be garage punk without the shredding guitar?). The next ingredient to this punk cocktail is the cymbals being hit, like the warhorn of battle, then you know you’re in for a rough ride. Get your helmet on. The lyrics, whilst repetitive, are catchy. You can really feel chanting them in a dingy venue, jumping around and losing your head, throwing an elbow out there in absolute euphoria. I guess the repetitive lyrics added to the overall sound, with the main attraction being the instruments. Play Dead has such a raw, unpolished sound and I personally utterly love it.

When the song started rolling I instantly thought of a commonwealth comparison with The Chats, another slightly more famous garage punk band from Queensland, Australia. The comparison was planted in my brain as it seemed like the two bands were just a bunch of regular guys playing loving for the love of it, making their own tracks and having a great time jamming with their mates. Such a bunch of geezers having a good time. Who needs Queensland when you’ve got South London. 

The attitude of their lyrics in the songs ‘Shaun’ and ‘Whitstable’ agree with this view. ‘Shaun’ is about the everyman of British society; pint-addled violence included. ‘Whitstable’ is about the glorious British tradition of drinking warm cans round a cold beach. In comparison to ‘The Chats’ songs about drinking beer (Victoria Bitter to be exact) and going on ‘smoko’ there are definitely parallels. I sincerely hope that ‘Play Dead’ continue their slow rise and start producing more, as the start has been so promising. Their appearance on ‘BBC Music Introducing’ wouldn’t have upset their ability to pull in listeners either. 

As a summary, ‘Six Hours Later’ is a gritty, plucky hit; if you’re into bone shaking guitar riffs and rampant drums, you should definitely give it a listen. They’re certainly a band with an abundance of potential, and as long as they keep to their roots, I’m sure they’d succeed. 

Words by Tom McClen

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