Callum Pitt – ‘Sea of Noise’ | New Music

Callum Pitt 2020
Photo by Daniel Stark

Callumm Pitt releases a ‘Sea of Noise’ in his latest track

Callum Pitt returns with ‘Sea of Noise’. The artist has had a proper productive year, releasing a steady stream of singles that’ve taken his larger-than-life sound to a whole new level. Captivating as they were already, Callum’s latest set of material expanded upon these roots and grown into an awe-inspiring behemoth that really makes you want to stop and look around. 

‘Sea of Noise’ is no exception. Written about feeling stuck in a mindset of hopelessness, the track illustrates this endlessly beautiful spiral with a series of melodies and strings that flood right through the airwaves. Its crystal-clear production makes it easy to hear each instrument, and transitions between a loud, electric chorus and quiet, acoustic sections seamlessly. Callum’s vocals project further feelings of helplessness as they sink into the layers, becoming overwhelmed by the …sea of noise. 

Once again, Callum Pitt delivers another giant worthy of being in awe of. ‘Sea of Noise’ is a gorgeously crafted song. One that’s shrouded in complete sadness but has that uplifting quality to it that’s always seems to exist in his songs. I could get washed away in it forever. 

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