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Dead Naked Hippies release fuzzy new track ‘Curiosity (Dawn)’

Despite the challenges that this difficult year has dumped upon us, there’s no doubt it’s also inspired a lot of creativity within an industry struggling to survive. The latest single by Leeds trio, Dead Naked Hippies, perfectly demonstrates this surge of lockdown creativity and DIY ethic, being their first self-produced single as it sees the band hone their production skills and delve into a new sound, diverting away from what had previously been strictly guitar, drums and vocals. 

The track begins with an initial, fuzzy riff conveying Django Django vibes, as the band favour unconventional, homemade synths in this exciting new release, following what they describe as being “an extremely liberating process”, with the challenges of lockdown inspiring them to break down ideas of what their music *should* sound like. Whilst being reminiscent of Alt-J through its harmonies, these electronic vibes are continued as frontwoman Lucy’s celestial vocals cut through with lyrics such as ‘tilt back my head until my eyes black out, you’ve got to sit up, speed up cause it’s over now’, focusing on life as if it were coming to an end, while questioning one’s existence and purpose, and ultimately what it means to be human. 

On reflection, the themes of this latest release are really quite heavy, but I guess that’s expected after this shit show of a year which has given us all a lot of time to reflect on life and what’s important. It’s nice how the overall intriguing yet uplifting sound of the track, contrasts with these deep lyrics, as the central, repeated and down-right catchy, ‘I can’t get into it’, is drenched in passion and makes you want to move. In linking with its title, themes of ‘curiosity’ are at the centre of the thought processes behind this work, focusing on how life shapes us and how we in turn shape it, along with the pressures society has on us to achieve; definitely ideas I think we can all relate to, especially during these strange and difficult times.   

Overall, this is a wonderfully refreshing and experimental release from Dead Naked Hippies, and its great to see all their hard work and lockdown creativity produce something truly inspiring. In keeping with trying out new things, the accompanying one-shot, one-take music video, filmed in the deserted back streets of Leeds, is their attempt of ‘capturing a moment, much like a live show – imperfect, but full of excitement’, and oh, how we miss this feeling! 

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