Headshrinkers – ‘Caught Between Two Stools’ | New Music

headshrinkers band 2020
Photo by Rosie Mulhern

Headshrinkers look to end 2020 strong witht the release of ‘Caught Between Two Stools’!

The UK is currently in the midst of a very tasteful Post-Punk revival. Unlike last time when ‘Post-punk revival’ just meant ripping off The Strokes, this new wave of Post-Punk bands are looking back to the bands that did it best, like The Wire and The Fall and putting their own unique spin on things. It’s very exciting times for the genre and West Midlands band Headshrinkers are ready to add to this distinguished canon with their new single ‘Caught Between Two Stools’. 

Announcing itself with a relentless rhythm section, beefy, driving guitars and vocals that, while definitely owing much to the post-punk greats of old, fit the music perfectly ‘Caught Between Two Stools’ is an immaculately produced track with nothing wasted. The quieter verses expertly build tension, culminating in an explosive and surprisingly catchy chorus with the reverberating guitar lines and angelic backing vocals adding layers to an already dense track. 

‘Caught Between Two Stools’ shows that Headshrinkers have a deep understanding of what makes this kind of music work and the result is an amazing track that shows limitless potential. Headshrinkers are undoubtedly ones to watch.

Words by Jack Vincent

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