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Brunchbox release brand new track ‘Dreaming

The childhood friends trio from Sheffield is back with a new single. After taking some time off some time in 2008 due to educational reasons, Joe, Gabriel, and Andrew have reunited and they’re not empty handed. 

Dreaming” sings about feeling uncertain in a relationship that is wrapped in melodies so upbeat, you wouldn’t realise it immediately. You know the one I’m talking about, we’ve all been there at least once (don’t lie): that phase in a relationship filled with anxiety because you don’t know where you are with the other person? Are you together or are you not? A “situationship” as some people would call it. Then something was said that is giving you a little bit more of a reassurance and you wish you could just stay in that moment;

“Let’s play hide and seek so we don’t have to say how we feel/ Go back to the place you first met me and tell me is it real?”

They still bring the same sounds as they did before, the Viola Beach-like kind, although “Dreaming” feels a little bit more laid back than “Skyline”, riffs wise, but their feel-good, summery, let’s-have-a-road-trip-with-friends vibes are still there.

Words by Yuni Situmorang

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