#16 WFM Music Pile-Up | Ft. Weekend Debt

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Another Music Pile-Up ft. Weekend Debt, Cross Wires, The Comms and more!

Check out this installment of the music pile-up as we deliver to you some of the best music which has been sent to us throughout November.

Weekend Debt – ‘Pomposity

Yknow that shot of whiskey that leaves your chest warm and the back of your throat on fire? Don’t worry about the pubs being closed (miss you, b), Weekend Debt have the sweet and easy listening “Pomposity” that’ll leave you feeling the way you used to after 3 drinks in. Or one and a half, if you’re me.

Plastic Glass – ‘Going Away

SUNLUN MASSIVE! Come through, Plastic Glass – we want to hear this song live so badly it hurts a little bit. It’s the EVERYTHING of this track for us: it’s the bass so smooth we don’t feel cool enough to sit next to it, it’s the offensively clean vocals,

it’s whatever flirty magic you’re making with that keyboard it. is. simply. everything. Howay man are venues not open again yet?

Cross Wires – ‘Hall of Mirrors

Here are our moody, brooding Southerners for this week and gosh darn aren’t they tasty? ‘Hall of Mirrors’ sounds comfortably as if Chris Isaak and The Doors had a baby and honestly we aren’t mad about it. We kinda love it. We kinda love you, Cross Wires. Call us. Or don’t. It’s cool (but do).

The Comms – ‘Pulled Apart

Why are we all sleeping on The Comms? That just seems daft when this Northampton foursome are strutting about with filthy, heavy bops like Pulled Apart. It’s dirty, this one – and we bloody love it. All aboard the hype train. Toot toot.

Banji – ‘Listen

Read Banji’s Spotify bio because I simply cannot do a better job of summing them up than that. It’s the MVP of bios. It’s the Lewis Hamilton of words and yes by the way this odd, sexy? yeah sexy why not track really rather does slap.

Ben Mackett – ‘No Sign Of

DISCO’S BACK, BABY! This is fucking wonderful. It’s clinky and beautiful and it’s electronic, and it’s everything we love about Ben’s writing with the Buryan boys with an even more beautiful edge. This is really, really lovely. Can’t say enough good things about this track.

Mouse – ‘A.N.D

Mouse’s vocals. That’s it, that’s the review. No okay there’s a bit more of a review coz this is maybe our favourite pint sized indie’s finest track. The new queen has arrived.

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