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Rolling Thunder release the ‘Virtual Greyhounds’

Let me run through the motions of the brief chat I’ve had with Northants outfit Rolling Thunder:

  1. The boys write a lovely email and clearly, flattery will get them everywhere. We won’t e v e r charge them, or anyone else, for a review though because we aren’t wankers. Just gonna leave that out there.
  2. They’re a band so easy to fall in love with on social media. They’re daft, organic and don’t pretend to be anything other than what they are (with a wee bit more nudity than we banked for but here we are).

We haven’t heard a song open with a big fat drum intro in ages and we have bloody missed them. Immediately, you know you’re going to have a good time with Rolling Thunder. It’s about 3 seconds in and I want to go to the pub with these boys (Are we gang? Let’s be gang! Love you) – and there’s opportunity to be won over by a longer opening that would, frankly, sound sick live. We’re not treated to a vocal til we’re almost a minute in and I’m absolutely here for it. Easy, tiger. Rolling Thunder get you where you need to be.

Virtual Greyhounds isn’t perfect: it’s a little rough around the edges like the first time you saw that band who made it massive at your local dive venue. There’s a tasty little riff tangled up across a homegrown backdrop of guitars, and this track sounds like the band had a lush time making it. 

I was in an absolutely shite mood before I streamed Virtual Greyhounds, and now I feel right as rain. Wasn’t that what music was meant to do in the first place?

If you’re looking for a band close to home you can feel like you’re listening along with someone beside you even when you’re on your own, Rolling Thunder are about to be your best friend!

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