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Photo by Marilena Vlachopoulou

Lizzie Reid takes Single of the Week with the beautiful ‘Always Lovely’

Wahey, it’s Sunday which means it’s time for Single of the Week! This is where we select a track which we want to give some extra attention to because it hit us differently.

This week, we’ve selected Glaswegian singer-songwriter Lizzie Reid who started out as a solo artist earlier this year of 2020 – absolutely love that. In the short time of writing and recording music, she’s released three tracks ‘Tribute’, ‘Seamless’ and the track we’re featuring today ‘Always Lovely’. On top of this, Lizzie has just announced she’ll be playing The Great Escape Festival next year!

This brings us to ‘Always Lovely’, which is my favourite track of Lizzie’s so far. The acoustic guitar is subtle and a perfect companion for Lizzie’s vocals, whether they’re lingering in the background like in the beginning of the track, or driving the song forward through the chorus. After 30 seconds, Lizzie injects urgency and pace into the track delivering the chorus; “Always Lovely“. However once the pace is starting to pick up, Lizzie takes it away, creating these emotional waves throughout the track, only adding to the emotional journey. That’s the one thing I most admire about the track, it doesn’t feel like a performance, it feels very real by the way it’s delivered as it sways through different melodies portraying her feelings.

Without doubt there’s some real talent at the core of the songwriting, and is certainly Lizzie’s strongest attribute. It’s crazy to think she only started out this year, to have something so refined and ready, it’s a true testament to her as an artist. Towards the end of the track we’re treated to some soulful “oooooooo’s” on the bed of a stripped back guitar, and that alone just soothes the soul.

With her debut EP set for release on January 22nd 2021, it will sure prove to be a great gift for the start of what should be a much better year. Hopefully, the world can sort itself out and we can finally hear Lizzie play live.

Thankyou so much Lizzie!

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