Margot – ‘Falling in Between Days’ | New Music

Margot release brand new track ‘Falling in Bewteen Days’

Many of us have seen our fair share of hopeless days, especially over the past year. Five piece band Margot are shining a light on the bleak times that aren’t really spoken about, and the result is a lo-fi dream. Their latest single ‘Falling In Between’ comes after a busy year of releases, including their debut EP.

Falling In Between’ combines mellow vocals with hazy guitars in a recreation of the dream-like state we sometimes find ourselves in. A deep, almost unnatural, guitar kicks the track off with a minimalistic yet effective riff. And once we reach the chorus there’s a joyous combination of drums, bass and guitar acting as a beacon of optimism for the future.

Speaking about the track, vocalist Alex Hannaway explains how it’s about a friend who lost everything – ‘lost job, no soulmate, and back living with his family at 27’. But don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom! ‘Falling In Between’ encapsulates a hope in its positive atmosphere. Margot’s dream-pop sound looks ahead as the lyrics describe ‘pictures of my ideal future’.

Margot’s latest track is a bop that describes an unspoken purgatory. This band certainly isn’t ‘Falling In Between’, and I look forward to hearing more from them!

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