Magazines – ‘Pink and Blue’ | New Music

Photo by Dan French

Magazines release their fourth track of 2020 with ‘Pink and Blue’!

Oh, you’re so ready to hear ‘Pink and Blue’ by Magazines. You’ve been wading through piles of Dirty Hit knock offs (don’t @ me, I said what I said) with those soft, blended moody backdrops. Maybe they haven’t all been as phenomenal as you’d hoped, so here’s an Irish foursome smoother than silk to save your audio fixations.

It’s just that Magazines have perfected the sullen but genuinely thoughtful sound and made every imitation of this relatable, beautiful sound pale in comparison. And they haven’t had to slag off any other musicians on their insta story to do it, which is nice.

We love an unapologetic female vocal, so we officially have a sound crush on Cathy Leahy. Her lyrics aren’t screaming for attention purely based on the fact they just don’t need to. We’re discovering that the best sounds are made by bands who curate a lot of energy into supporting each other. The delicate harmonies subtly disguise a tougher theme and these words seem blindingly honest; full of longing and always pulling on at the listener’s heartstrings.

Pink and Blue’ might actually be the song that charms your pants off… at a socially safe distance because yes Dear God it’s somehow still 2020 hahahahanoit’sfinereally. We’re painfully ready for the music industry to reclaim its former glory, and until then please 

Keep streaming and support your indies – especially if you are one. It’s kind of our ‘thing’.

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