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With 2020 being what it is, we had a chat with As We Leave about their new EP!

Hey guys! Just to begin, can you introduce yourselves to anyone who may be unfamiliar with your music?

Hello, I hope you are all well and healthy. My name is Caine from the band ‘As We Leave’. We are four good friends from the isolated shores of the Isle of Wight, the others are Kyle, Tom and Kit.

You’ve just released your third single of the year ‘Hope That Kills’, what’s the message behind this track?

‘Hope That Kills’ is both optimistic and a cautionary warning. It’s that sublime contradiction between hope and disappointment, dreams and the cynical nature of reality. Promises not met, expectations not fulfilled and it’s all wrapped up in the warm blanket of late summer, early autumnal reflection.

It’s part of your new 5 track EP ‘Everything to a Point’ – how have you found recording the EP?

This isn’t actually our first EP but the recording of this one has been particularly satisfying. It was all written and recorded in our own little studio, ‘The Store’, so we had total control over its process and because of that we are obviously happy with it, both at the time and upon reflection but the finished product that you hear now was made with the aid of Jim and Rob Homes the, the wizard mixers at Humbug studios, that’s what made the record that little more special, that little more unique.

You released two other songs from this EP earlier in the year – how did you find the reaction to them?

The reaction has been great, much better than we’d ever dared hope for really. We have been making music for a long time and I’m quite cynical so we are quietly pleased with the feedback and responses, we just wish we could have played it live to build that all important physical connection to your audience. Needs…alas, the next release, next year…without covid….hopefully.

Is there a specific theme that you focused on whilst writing and recording the EP or or did each song come individually?

There was no specific theme when we were writing it, each song has is its own world but when we were considering which tracks to pick for release we did think there was a nostalgic, melancholic and reflective thread running through the ones we chose…there are quite a few that never made it onto the record. I think you can hear joy and bittersweetness in almost equal measure.

Were there any challenges you faced during writing or recording? If yes, what? If no, how lovely! 

The only real challenges we faced when we recorded it was what we either set ourselves or that, by circumstances, are forced upon us, i.e. a lack of equipment, but that in itself is not really a problem it just makes you think about what you do use all the more intelligently. Writing is always a pleasure.

Difficult question, but is there a favourite track on the EP?

Mmmm… I don’t think anyone has a favourite but for me and I guess the rest of the lads, preferences tend to come and go depending on moods or circumstances. We just filmed a live version of ‘Dreamland’ for video and on the limited edition Vinyl of the EP there’s an extra track called ‘Many Faces Of You & I’… that is currently the one rolling round my skull.

If you were to summarise ‘Everything to a Point’ in three words, what would they be?

Nostalgic, Contradictory and Bittersweet.

Your sound is very psych-pop, which other musicians (if any!) do you feel inspired the EP

We have many influences across all sorts of genres… Rock, pop, soul, funk, folk, some electric stuff… so there are lots of influences in the writing of the songs. Recording them is slightly different and we might (and usually do) mix two different influences into the same, single idea which sounds confusing but actually really works for us. I think you can hear a lot of different influences on the record… there’s a bit of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young in the harmonies but equally there’s The Beatles and a bit of Madonna pop in the melodies too… A lot of people have been telling me.. ‘It sounds like… X & Y but different’… that’s a nice compliment.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. What’s the first thing you’re going to do now the EP’s out?

It’s my pleasure, thanks for the intereview. Hahahaha.. well.. I’m gonna get on to the label and our manager about having a release party but I guess it might have to wait until then end of the month… other than that… keep writing…and keep your ears out for the next one.

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