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Tiger Mimic release their third track of 2020 ‘King of Machines’

It’s about some leaders of the world who have forgotten that they’re supposed to take care of their citizens”, tweeted band Tiger Mimic recently about their latest single ‘King of Machines’. A prescient theme it seems in these strange times, championed by a band threaded together from strands on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Formed in 2018 when Jess Rhodes and Bram Johnson upsticks from New York to London and enlisted drummer George Latham and bassist Ben Wallis into their streak, they released their debut EP ‘Elephant Skeleton’ in 2019. The EP was produced by Grammy award-winning Matt Lawrence (Adele, Mumford and Sons) who jumped at the chance to work with them after hearing their early tracks.

Lead vocalist and synth player Jess Rhodes is classically trained in opera and hails from a Kurdish background whilst guitarist and vocalist Bram Johnson cites Neil Young and The Doors as major influences and it is one of the 60’s most intoxicating bands that informs Tiger Mimic’s fusion of styles. 

Mixing serrated guitar rock and weaving together Johnson’s quick-fire vocals and Rhodes’ Yeah Yeah Yeah’s style insouciance, ‘King of Machines’ zips along at toe-tapping speed. Easily passing as a decent track, you would have thought job done and the band’s attention could turn to writing the next single. But then again, what about the pomp? You have got to have a bit of pomp in a rock track right? Well that’s what Tiger Mimic believe and they really deliver on it, as the track breaks down to a drum beat and Johnson’s vocals ascend in an euphoric rush, coloured with flashes of Darkness style guitar, revealing an altogether 70’s flamboyant soul. Then the track breaks down again to scuzzy bass and bare drums and the grandiosity is replaced by sneer. Now it’s job done. That’s what makes Tiger Mimic an exciting proposition.

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