Anja Kotar – ‘Simple’ | New Music

Anja Kotar releases new track ‘Simple’, continuing a very busy 2020 for the artist!

Let’s be honest. There are only so many Himalayan Rock Salt tea light holders and wax melts you can order to try and relax in 2020. At some point, through your well ventilated chamomile scented haze, it’s all just a bit… much, even now.

We’ve done all the things we can do in the safety of our front room so luckily, we’ve found Anja Kotar’s ‘Simple’ remedy of gratitude for being at home.

Kotar’s track sounds how we wish we felt. There’s room to credit the curation of her sound with a lot of evidence that this isn’t her first rodeo – ‘Simple’ offers a new and romantic way to accept a reality we’re exhausted of. There could have been some internal panic for Anja over the last nine months in her topic losing relevance, but for all we’re expected to be out of the UK’s second lockdown by December 2nd the income support scheme has been extended into next year. Dunno mate, just seems a bit dodgey to us.

Simple’ is invitingly soft, and we really appreciate a sound like that just now. We haven’t got a lot of room in our heads for much else, so a track as attractive as it is undemanding sits quite close to perfection this year. It’s got a lot of delicate ‘jangly’ guitar sound to it and it’s quite reminiscent of the first American Indie playlist you’ll have stumbled across in 2008 – but we don’t hate that, and if Anja is nailing her flag to a genre she’s hoping to revive, it’s a pretty sweet place to start. We miss 2008. We could go outside and we all had flip phones, it was great.

At this rate we’ll be spending New Year’s Eve mentally preparing ourselves to leave the house and deal with other people. You’re going to need a track as sweet as ‘Simple’ for support. The biggest love, as always, to Just Reliable PR for popping this our way. 

Listen to the brand new track from Anja below!

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