#15 WFM Music Pile-Up | ft. Coach Party

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Back with another Music Pile-Up featuring the likes of Coach Party, George Moir and Muddy Elephant!

Check out this installment of the music pile-up as we deliver to you some of the best music which has been sent to us throughout October and beginning of November.

Coach Party – ‘Really Okay on my Own

Recently signing to Chess Club Records, a label which stores some of the most talented newcomers around, Coach Party’s brand new single ‘Really OK on my Own’ is an 80’s inspired tune that issues some heavy drums powerful but tranquil vocals.

George Moir – ‘Flowers

Moir’s brand new offering ‘Flowers’ is a happy-go-lucky track that is light hearted and bouncy. ‘If I buy you flower, would that be okay?’ he coos as themes of romance is presented as organic sounds and tiny, uplifting riffs wrap around his caramel-smooth vocals. ‘Flowers’ is a gorgeous single and displays George’s talent perfectly.

Muddy Elephant – ‘Tusk

If you’re looking for a perfect indie, guitar-heavy song to get you through the lockdown slog, then four-piece, Muddy Elephant’s euphoric ’Tusk’ is sure to make your day that slight bit brighter with its powerful bridge and its utterly upbeat style.

The Vegan Leather – ‘Gloaming

Art-pop, synth and psychedelic – all in one? Could The Vegan Leather get any better? Apparently so! The stunning, high-pitched vocals mould into the groovy backing riff and the wavy bridge seems to be the icing on the cake for this new track. It’s therapeutic and stunning and every other lovely word you could imagine.

Sophie Jamieson – ‘Concrete

Slow and mellow, Sophie Jamieson and her teenage-angst but glimmering new track ‘Concrete’ is jaw-droopingly good as she experiments with her voice, using different pitches. It’s a simple offering but sometimes, simple is all you need to create something sensational.

Jacqueline Tucci – ‘Home

Toronto born and bred, Tucci is an experimental artist, always playing around with sounds and their voice – ‘Home’ is a mixture of slow rock and mellow indie. Jacqueline’s voice is raw and oozing with passion, as the music seems to drag them into a different planet.

Vela Incident – ‘Home

Melancholic rockers Vela Incident don’t stray away from synths and smooth guitar licks and as they become one of South Wales’ most known up and coming indie bands, they’re sure to create a stir with their new single ‘Home’. It’s emotional and pleasing.

Words by Geo Blackman

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