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Weekends’ with Honey Motel and they take Single of the Week

Sunday marks the longest running segment here on WFM called Single of the Week, where we pick a track which has left a mark on one of our writers as the stand-out, must-listen to track of the week.

This time around we have a debut from Honey Motel, who describe themselves as uncut gems from liverpool – and they’re not wrong. For most bands it takes a certain amount of time until they find their sound and are able to deliver in the best way. However, Honey Motel aren’t most bands and were able to nail this in on take as they unleash ‘Weekends’ on us!

Weekends’ has a fresh indie feeling, morphed with 80’s pop sensibilities with synthesizers and robust hooks. The fast paced rhythm of the song gives a blood rushing feeling, as a call for urgency surrounds the whole song. Lead singer Matthew Walker has this euphoric nature in his vocals, suiting the song so well, as he leaves you hanging on his every word.

Also, for anyone who unfortunately knows me, I love a good breadown in a song and Honey Motel put together a dramatic affair in their breakdown. The guitar solo is gorgeous as it squeals and begins to pull aparat the room, it’s a great companion to the song, making it all the more enjoyable.

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