Milk Teeth – ‘Milk Teeth’ | Album Review

After four years, Milk Teeth follow up their debut album!

Here’s a band you’ve never heard of before, ‘Milk Teeth’ a three-piece pop punk act from Stroud, Gloucestershire. Since it’s 2020 and I’ve just described these guys as a Pop Punk band, you’re probably thinking that you can imagine pretty accurately what these guys sound like. You’re probably picturing yet another group of 20 something’s that never left 2007 alongside mental images of fringes, eyeliner, lyrics packed with phoney teenage angst and emotion. 

Well I can tell you that these guys are a desperately rare exception, and if you can put aside your prejudices aside for a moment, I’d like to explain why you should give these guys a good listen. 

Photo by Sean Black

The albums opening track ‘Given up’ is a great example of everything I love about ‘Milk Teeth’. These guys have managed to take a genre that is heavily saturated with very similar sounding bands and achieve quite a unique sound, the best example I can come up with is a kind of strange blend between Nirvana and Paramore, not that they really sound like either of those bands but that comparison should give you a very rough idea. The Track opens with this Energetic bouncing riff, and quickly goes into a slick well-paced before going into this infectious singalong chorus courtesy of Becky Bloomfield’s outstanding vocal performance. 

The album carries some pretty dark undertones such as the emotional peril heard in ‘Dilute’ and the wailing slow burn anthem that is ‘Better’, ‘Tales of human despair’ would be a fitting alternative title for this album, a song like ‘Destroyer’ would make a good justification of that. In terms of production and sound this album is just so sorted out, everything has been so well mixed into this dense meaty wall of sonic perfection. The basslines kick you in the bollocks, the guitar and drums come together to create this impenetrable wall of drive and thud, and I’m pretty certain that recording this album must have been the vocal workout of a lifetime for Becky Bloomfield.

All of this comes together to create an original and intriguing sound that other bands of a similar nature just can’t seem to grasp, and for me personally this is the number one issue with 21st century music, for the most part there just seems to be a total lack of originality across all genres which is precisely what makes this album so great because it’s one of the very few that manage to break that trend nowadays. 

Of course the golden days are long gone, in this day and age almost everything has been done, twisted, and reworked a dozen times and I certainly don’t expect every new song by every band to be reinventing the wheel, but every now and again somebody drops something and it truly feels like a breath of fresh air and that’s exactly what music should feel like. 

Words by Alex Jump

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