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Deep Sleep receive their first Single of the Week for ‘You and I’

I’m not sure there’s been a band who did quite as many live streams this year as Deep.Sleep.

We saw them tear the roof off Independant, Sunderland (support your indies) this month and it was so lovely to see them do a set without Dan and Alex’s couch making a strong feature. And then, it’d be easy to wonder – how do I feel I know these boys so well when their back catalogue on Spotify does them no justice? (Believe me, it doesn’t and while those tracks are unreal you ain’t seen NOTHING yet, kid).

This is a big, big part of the journey for Deep.Sleep and it’s all the more beautiful knowing just how proud they are of these tracks.

If the dreamy days of Soho and Drive were about those late nights, living life without foresight and the sheer thrill of chasing who you’re so desperately trying to be, You And I // Her And I is probably about that acquisition and realisation it’s still a bit of a slog when you think you’ve gotten there.

Do I want Robyn Walker backing vocals on every track I listen to now? Yes. Yes I do. Other bands, act accordingly please.

It’s also absolutely fine if you find yourself having a little cry at “are you sleeping alone?”or “I’ve not been sleeping lately” – coz both have been more hard hitting than anyone could have wanted to handle in 2020, whichever side you’ve found yourself on. And if suddenly you’ve got a track so well curated it sounds like someone’s narrating the same journey you’ve been on – that’s absolutely fine. Let yourself get a bit emotional, because fucking hell these boys do personal touch points well.

There was a bit of a blip where we worried we weren’t gonna see Deep.Sleep come back quite as spectacularly as they have. I write about bands I know a lot, but knowing this one as well as I do means so much more in hearing every single thought that’s gone into both the track and the b side.

Welcome home, Deep.Sleep. You’ve been so, so, so worth the wait.

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