YNES – ‘Pretty Sure’ (Girli Remix) | New Music

YNES and Girli team up and slay on ‘Pretty Sure’

Let’s start by saying what we’re all thinking, shall we? All hail YNES, an artist who has taken one of the most tragic shit shows of a year and made it into a platform for supporting independent music, womxn in the industry and just normalising being pissed off.

There weren’t many ways we thought we could love ‘Pretty Sure’ more than we already did – straight to the point, trademark YNES curating the thoughts every girl has had about simply not being treated well enough and having enough of it. It was the rough, hard edged vocals that we knew and loved, it was the relentless attitude that’s so unapologetic it’s a bit like a slap in the face (a good one, though. Love you YNES) and we were satisfied with our Queen of dissatisfaction.

And then she stuck Girli on the track and good LORD, wasn’t that a good idea?

Coz this is the thing, dear readers: We’ve been trying to really nail the message that if we’re cheated on or hurt, that’s not us and it’s not really on the person at the other end of it, for years. ‘I’m pretty sure that girl didn’t break my heart.’ That’s a lot of strength and a lot of foresight to take from a situation where we, pretty universally, know how much it hurts. And I think the reasons we love YNES and Girli quite as much as we do is because they’re so representative of the generation of girls that will still fight eachother’s corners even after years of being conditioned not to.

Girli brings every inch of what you’d expect Girli to bring to the track. It’s the well executed bedroom grunge of a developing artist that can be misconstrued as ironic, unless it’s layered to perfection the way it is in this remix. You kind of want to hear that this pair have met through circumstances that could have ended in heartbreak if they weren’t the two fiercest women we know. We’re not sure if the relationship between the two is implied deliberately, in a Brandy-Monica esque modern mash up… but we hope it is.

We want YNES to keep being angry, keep being vocal and keep making excellent music. Fuck your better jobs!

Listen to the new the brand new remix below!

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