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Ed Staal releases new track ‘3AM’

If you’ve ever been on a night out, you’ll understand that strange and indescribable emotion felt after. Well, Hertfordshire newcomer Ed Staal has finally put music to that purgatory. After a busy year releasing singles, ‘3AM’ is a great addition to his late night collection.

This track features calming electronics that will pleasantly accompany the birth of a hangover. The low-key, chilled feel remains constant throughout the whole track. It’s perfect for just lying down and just listening. Ed’s lyrics are a personal account of his own night experience, whilst being relatable to everyone. Riffing guitars, lulling vocals and charged drums contribute to a track to unwind to.

Ed has grown up around music, so it was inevitable that he’d blossom into his own musician. Speaking about ‘3AM’, he explained that he ‘wrote it at university exploring the late night, post-drunk atmosphere’. 

Whilst the pandemic has stopped us going out, Ed Staal’s latest track ‘3AM’ brings back memories of the good, bad and ugly times.

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