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Bleach Lab release third track of 2020, and it’s simply wonderful

South London based Bleach Lab’s new track ‘Never Be’ comes out as a welcome respite to the monotonous burden that is the seemingly never ending lockdown. ‘Never Be’ is released just a matter of days before the dooming national lockdown, as a way to shepherd our minds from the nightmarish state that is the present world to a dream pop paradise. 

The track starts with Frank Wates’ calming guitar, followed by Shawn Courtney’s slow, methodical drums and Josh Longman’s rhythmic bass really setting the tone for the rest of the song. Finally, the cherry on top of the cake glides into the track as Jenna Kyle’s ethereal voice comes in. Kyle has such a delicate and heavenly voice, almost stretching to angelic, her voice draws comparisons in my mind to Rachel Goswell of Slowdive; big compliments I know, but this girl can really sing!

The track is almost a lullaby with soft tones throughout; listening to the track felt like I was settling into a pleasant, deep sleep (dreaming of live gigs and actual human contact, christ I miss giving my friends a big ol’ hug), whilst nursing a hot mug of horlicks. There is a natural flow to the whole song, with all the instruments and the celestial voice working as one to create something greater. The track is the very definition of synergy. To culminate the song, Wates’ guitar fabricates a lovely melody, think ‘Disappearing’ by The War On Drugs. 

I don’t want to, but i forget everything / i will look for you in everyone i meet / but i won’t find you / so i could never be complete/

When the song ended, I felt a strange sense of nostalgia and deep thought, which seems to be the theme of the song. Taking Bleach Lab’s previous release into account, titled ‘Sleep’ and is about breaking up from a long term relationship, this song seems to be about the aftermath, a stark contrast to the dreamy vibe of the track. It seems to me that a strong theme of the song is the inevitable comparison of every boy/girl/everything in between to your ex. There seems to be an air of regret at the end of the track, with the big question of ‘what if?’ being asked with the words ‘with all the words unsaid’. This is very relevant as, lets face it, we’ve all been in those shoes. Lockdown seems to be rife with those sentimental feelings!

In conclusion, the track is an excellent piece of work with deep feelings that i’m sure the most of you relate to. Aside from that, the track is a hypnotic delight that lulls you into a sense of calm, much appreciated right before a national lockdown. I myself am very keen to see what Bleach Lab creates next. Consider me a fan!

Words by Tom McClen

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