Sea Girls – ‘Accident Waiting to Happen’ | New Music

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Sea Girls release brand new track ‘Accident Waiting to Happen’!

Sea Girls are back, only months after the release of their brilliant debut album with (in my opinion) one of their best tracks, ‘Accident waiting to happen’.

This song is actually featured on the soundtrack of the latest installment of the DIRT franchise, DIRT 5, and it feels very fitting. Riddled with classic indie guitar with some cool experimentation with some more poppy vibes. 

Henry’s vocals really shine as he sings about about getting involved with someone and inevitably wishing that he had never done it, that the two of them together were an accident waiting to happen the entire time. The massive sound of the song proves it’s destined for big crowds. It’s also perfect for the game, I can just picture it blaring over the revving of engines as the car drifts round corners and pulls of impossible stunts. 

Accident Waiting to Happen’ is available to stream everywhere now and can be heard on DIRT 5!

Listen to the brand new track from Sea Girls below!

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