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Stay Lunar release new dream pop gem ‘Not Your Fight’

I miss the reign of indie pop. I remember the joyous rush of four-band line ups at a packed-out O2 or student union, Little Comets shimmering out over the crowd. Being near other people without being exposed to a deadly virus. A wave of twinkling echoey guitar riffs and arms in the air, wrists adorned with festival bands. With ‘Not Your Fight’, the new track by Bristol-based Stay Lunar, that feeling has been reborn. Already building up a backlog of impressive synth and guitar-led bangers, ‘Not Your Fight’ is a bright, energising indie hit that packs a euphoric punch in a neat three-minute package.

Not Your Fight’ fits neatly into the dream-pop genre but isn’t constrained by it. It sounds like shoegaze has been given a massive sparkly boot up the arse, with a consistent, energetic drumbeat and bassline driving forward the jangly instrumentation and well-balanced lyrics. The concoction of synth, guitar, bass and drums comes off as fresh and effervescent. That twinkly guitar riff (it really is twinkly af) is an instant time machine trip back to the indie teen days. Like then, this track leaves you feeling invincible. (You’re not, by the way. Keep wearing a mask).

“I want to run away with you / escape from all the light-polluted city hue/ i’ll tell you things i’d like you to know / the world doesn’t spin as the TV show this is not your fight”

Stay Lunar’s lyrics are reassuring and empathetic but with the youthful, exuberant feeling of being on the run. It’s the same kind of euphoric, transportive sound that The War of Drugs executes so beautifully, with added 80s-pop vibes thrown in for good measure.

Overall, the track for us is, like the lyrics would suggest, a glorious bit of carefree, luminous, immensely catchy escapism. We’re very excited to see what comes next for Stay Lunar (live gig please!!!)

Words by Ellen McNally

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