#14 WFM Music Pile-up | ft. deep tan

deep tan band 2020

WFM’s #14 Music Pile-Up ft. deep tan, Lauren Fell, Ocean Flaws and more!

Check out this installment of the music pile-up as we deliver to you some of the best music which has been sent to us throughout October. It’s been a superb month for music, and we’re sure you’ll agree once you hear the tracks below!

deep tan – ‘deepfake’

deep tan are back with their first track of 2020, as they release the mysterious sounds of ‘deepfake’. The band really capture the strange craze at the moment called deepfake, where an image of a person is used on an exising photo or video. The hackney trio craft an eerie listening on this one, with how barebones the musicality is, along with the unique delivery of the vocals. We would share the video, however it’s been blocked by YouTube for violating the community guidelines it was that raw, hopefully it will resurface on Vimeo soon!

Laura Fell – ‘Cold’

Laura Fell is one of the few artists who decided to start a music career in the middle of 2020, and for that we can only commend her! The World needs to be soothed and entertained in these times, and ‘Cold’ can do that. This is a slightly more darker track than her previous song ‘Bone of Contention’ but her vocals are still just as beautifully unique. Also the instrumentals are intriguing on this, with the plodding guitar and the well paced drums with a slight erratic rhythm, all adding to the wonderful craftwomanship.

Two Tribes – ‘Cruel Sensuality’

Two Tribes make their WFM debut with electronic new track ‘Cruel Sensuality’. The track has hints of classic CHVRCHES in there, but with a more dramtic effect with faster, in your face drums. The contrast between the vocals and the instrumentals are an interesting dynamic which work so well. The vocals bring that calmness and serenity while the music moves to its own pace, a track which will have us keeping an eye on them!

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard – ‘30,000 Megabucks’

Another debut on the list is with Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, who after this track I found out are own their own planet. With their throwback rock style, the band give off a T-Rex/Led Zeppelin vibe with an infectious guitar riff and easy to sing a long chorus. All of these elements lead to a real fun listening experience, as it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and you can just enjoy good guitar music.

Ocean Flaws – ‘Spirit Level’

Ocean Flaws are another band which have started their musical journey in 2020, with ‘Spirit Level’ becoming their second track of the year. Catchy and synth heavy, the band wear their influences on their sleeves, as thoughts of early Blossoms and Swim Deep come to mind. The song breezes by with a simple beat and sleek vocals, it’s very shiny and clean. Hats off too the futuristic guitar solo to the end, it really is the key feature of the track.

BYFYN – ‘I Love Me Too’

Fianally we have BYFYN with new track ‘I Love Me Too’ which also has a bit of a throwback 80’s pop vibe it it all – even down to the video and memorable dance moves for the chorus. The instrumentals throughout are a luscious treat on their own, but with BYFYN’s vocals across the top it’s more of a joy to listen too. The outro is pure bliss as well, as you can picture a dancefloor crowded with people spining around, sining the words as the song plays out on a Friday night.

Thanks for taking the time out to check out the latest music pile-up, if you have any tracks you would like to be shared – please send em’ across!

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