Red Rum Club – ‘The Hollow Of Humdrum’ | Album Review

Red Rum Club deliver on their follow up to debut album Matador

At the beginning of the moth Liverpool’s Red Rum Club made a triumphant return with their second studio album titled ‘The Hollow Of Humdrum’.

The cinematic ten-track record sees a progression in the band’s sound as they expand their range with driving guitars, soaring brass and tight basslines. Described on twitter by the band as “a place you can go to escape or revel in your vices and virtues”, ‘The Hollow Of Humdrum’ is the perfect feel-good album to keep your spirits high through lockdown.    

The album opens with slick euphoric pop track ‘The Elevation’. Consisting of deep leading basslines, powerful trumpet solos and Alex Turner-esque vocals from Doran, the track makes for a perfect modern indie dance anthem and a perfect opener because it provides a taste of what’s to come.

Anthemic track ‘Kids Addicted’ is already a live favourite at Red Rum Club’s festival atmosphere gigs. The catchy lyrics on this track are about the addictive nature of social media, singer / songwriter Fran Doran said the track is “an observation we wanted to make on the modern age of social media and the effect it has on youth culture.”

The electronic touches on angsty fast-paced ‘Vivo’ really compliment the brass solos making it one of the most stand out tracks on the album. The track is a classic Red Rum Club anthem with Punkish lyrics and a racing tempo which guarantee it will go off live.

The lyrics to ‘Ballerino’ tell a story about that person who’s always up and dancing first at a party. All infectious trumpets and catchy lyrics, the track is an instant feel good fix. In contrast the next track ‘Favourite Record’ is sonically a lot slower and stripped back. Acoustic, calming and honest the track really showcases the bands ability to write slower songs.  

Synth-pop love song ‘Eleanor’ is driven by its basslines and complimented with energetic brass and spiritual backing vocals. Fran’s vocals are emotional yet polished on this track and it’s easy to see why it was BBC radio 2 playlisted. ‘Dorado’ is also a love song with lyrics that reminisce of a past lover and features some up-tempo guitars and trumpets. 

Tarentino track ‘Girl Is A Gun’ features wild western riffs and lyrics that tell a Bonnie and Clyde love story about lovers on the run. “You left my head like a Jackson Pollock” is definitely a standout lyric on this track.

Similar to ‘Favourite Record’, ‘Brando’ is a slow burning atmospheric track with amazing brass solos. The vocals give off Arctic Monkeys vibes again here and the lyrics show the bands affinity for film as Fran sings lyrics comparing himself and his lover to iconic movie stars. The album closes with ‘Holy Horses’. Made up of lively brass, deep basslines and bouncing drums the track ends the album on a loud and fast note.

Red Rum Club are a band who are really going from strength to strength with each release. 

They have recently been nominated for Best Live Act at the AIM Independent Music Awards 2020, and although you unfortunately won’t be able to catch them live this year, they have announced a massive UK tour starting next February.  

Listen to the brand new album from Red Rum Club Below!

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