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St.Buryan release third track of 2020 ‘Torn Apart’

Regardless of 2020 being possibly the worst year for music and everyone in it St.Buryan have somehow continued to carry on musical project, and deliver some of their best music ever since forming.

Earlier in the year, we gave their previous releaseHow Could I Know’ Single of the Week for it’s great hook-lines and vocal performance (also the track was shit hot). We would’ve loved to have given ‘Torn Apart’ the same treatmeant, but in the eyes for fairness we can’t give it the same band twice – but it totally deserves it.

Torn Apart’ once again highlights some of the bands influences, as you hear pop-punk highlights with the way the vocals are delivered, along with the short, sharp drum beat. Throughout the track it slowly builds up before it falls in to chaos. Each chorus is a bit louder and delivered harder each time. By the time we reach the end, a heavier guitar is prominent and the band are driving the chorus home with force, ingraining it in our minds.

St.Buryan have quickly turned into one of my favourite acts of 2020, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing the band live once everything’s relaxed. Excellent work guys, can’t wait to hear what’s next!

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