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Melancholy Ray make Single of the Week debut with ‘Cassette’!

Earlier in the week we tweeted and shared ‘Cassette’ after the 35,620th time of listening to it. Half way through the first time of listening to it, we were pretty sure it had to be Single of the Week – so here we are!

Melancholy Ray have had quite a productive 2020, with this being their third release of the year. When first hearing the band, you knew they had something about them, their style and sound which brings in influences of early 00’s indie. Sometimes letting too much of your influences shine through can be a bit of a hinderance, and can sound like your just ripping something off. However, when it’s done well and has your own spin on it, it has the potential to be something wonderful – which is what ‘Cassette’.

You can hear in the track, their strong connections to early Strokes material, in the way the vocals are delivered and the understated melody of it all. However the guitars and song structure set it apart and let the song live as it’s own beast. Even still if you draw comparisons from those elements there’s no harm, because it’s done so well and you can’t help but enjoy it you’re into that era if indie music.

I’m all in on Melanchony Ray, and ‘Cassette’ is only just the start of it all. A well deserved Single of the Week!

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