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Photo by Kris Herrmann

Young Ritual releases new track ‘Together, Alone’

Together, Alone — sounds exactly how the track is titled. Taking elements of art rock, alternative rock and indie folk, sounding atmospheric sonically along with its deep meaning, all comes together with perfection.

The instrumentation gives off a poignancy emotion which works beautifully with the vocals. Both vocals and guitar are at the forefront of the song and the use of an extra electric guitar, occasionally dabbing into using it as a slide guitar, give off an atmospheric ambiance. And along with the vocals, it sounds equally as good. An artist that really comes to mind is Win Butler of Arcade Fire. Even with the way the song is structured out, Grantham’s vocals feel appropriate for the way the song sounds. There’re moments where the song is hard-hitting and we hear the more folk side of the song. But when the song is more chilled with just the guitar, the singing is more calm and feels soothed.

The last section of the song resolves beautifully. As you think the song ends with its momentary silence, as the drum fill kicks in, we’re then greeted with such melancholy which blends in beautifully with the bright guitar sound with its gated effect and vocals which work so beautifully together in unison.

From start to finish, the song is professional and sounds mature. In times where we’re not socialising as much, ‘Together, Alone’, feels appropriate for 2020. And as the lyrics depict, there may be strife with couples, but they’re also as the song is titled: ‘Together, Alone’.

Words by Lewis (@yorkieinthemill)

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