Andrew Cushin – ‘Where’s My Family Gone’ | New Music

Andrew Cushin releases dark new track ‘Where’s my family gone’

After just 3 singles, Andrew Cushin has become Newcastle’s latest breakout superstar!Having supported the likes of Two Door Cinema Club at the huge Unity Arena in his hometown, he has already gained endorsement from some huge acts, and his latest single, ‘Where’s my family gone’ highlights this. 

Cushin’s dark new single features guitar, backing vocals and production from the one and only Noel Gallagher of Oasis. The track opens with a heart felt, Oasis-esque acoustic guitar track, that leads into Cushin’s natural and honest vocal. The lyrics are from the heart and raw, as Andrew sings about being in a dark place, and how  being without family and friends can damage you make you feel alone and isolated in a way that nothing else ever could. 

He belts out “I cant take much more of this’ / ‘But it’s gonna take much more than this” really highlights how broken down he was, and how it’s going to take more effort to fix this. 

On the topic of the track, Cushin said:

“I wrote Where’s My Family Gone when I was in a dark place. I hadn’t been speaking to my family, or friends. I felt as though I had no outlet for the way I was feeling, and I wrote it in a little hotel room in Leeds before a gig. It started out as a darker track but the production that Noel has added to the song has pushed the track in a way that it’s now so much bigger and more uplifting. I can’t wait to play it live and see everyone’s faces when that colossal chorus hits.

Where’s my family gone’ is available to stream everywhere now!

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