Premiere | FOXGLOVE – ‘Bright Lights’

FOXGLOVE Premiere brand new track ‘Bright Lights’ on WFM!

FOXGLOVE are back, and are back with an absolute bang! After releasing ‘Slow’ back in February, the band have been dealing with one of the worst situations in history, along with everyone else. Unfortunately some bands haven’t been able to get together and record, but somehow FOXGLOVE have managed to record ‘Bright Lights’ and remind me that there’s still hope for music.

The Manchester band have crafted together one of their finest tracks yet. With a super shiny & glittery exterior and moving 1000mph. With a hint of an influence from purple rain, ‘Bright Lights’ quite literally is a bright light in these bleak times.

The track opens up with immense pace, creating the scene of driving at night, head out the roof window, gazing at the stars and losing yourself. I love the way the lyrics are delivered in an off-beat manner,making it all the more invigorating. The guitars, well they’re just something else, sticking an edge on the end of every line and heightening the entire impact of the song.

Lead singer Abi White expained the track by saying “It was all about hitting that nostalgic feeling and that’s what we feel whenever we play this track. It’s a very anthemic song within the choruses, weaving in the 90’s distorted feeling. The rest of the track feels like an 80’s synth ballad, with big hard hitting snares and glittery guitars. The track is an amalgamation of our favourite genres from when we were growing up.”

Completely fell in love with the track as soon as I hit play, making it all the more annoying that live shows can’t happen. Looking forward to seeing this one live, in the meantime – just enjoy it while dancing in your kitchen.

Listen to the brand new track from FOXGLOVE below!

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