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Picnic release new track ‘Baby‘!

Things are so messy in, eh… *checks notes* every aspect known to man, it sounds stupid to say it’s a mess. It’s superfluous. We aren’t even going to make a pun about it all ending in tiers or the fact the government couldn’t even negotiate a deal with Manchester, so we can’t imagine how much of a shit show pulling out of the EU was.

The battles we didn’t want to forget are still in our heads, from saving our arts to not retraining for our budding careers in ‘cyber’ (???).

But, like, things are so heavy we needed a really light and supportive sound to keep them there..

We needed PICNIC and without fail, PICNIC delivered.

I’m not sure how, personally, my October would have panned out without this song. That might sound a bit dramatic for a song that sits quite happily as simply pop gold, but it’s true. I’m a chronic over thinker and there wasn’t a lot of space left in my battered grey cells for promotion or more noise, and then those smooth bars of saxophone slipped into reality and it felt like 2018 all over again. 

Baby’ is a stunner. It’s been a while since ‘I Need Everybody’ warmed us up when we weren’t allowed near anybody, and Baby picks up exactly where our team left off: whether you’re thinking about your lover, mother, brother, sister or your neighbour – loving people is nice and it’s absolutely universal.

It’s not dressing up trying to be something it isn’t either – it’s a laid back, long and pretty beautiful little love song. That’s it. 

For the record, I saw PICNIC for the first time in 2018 and in that set music was the only thing that mattered. Partying was the only thing that mattered – regardless as to whether homemade horn based tunes are your jam or not, I couldn’t show you another band 

However. It’s not 2018 (RIP), and things won’t be that simple again. But rest assured as I am that PICNIC are still fighting the good fight in being the most heartwarming sixsome maybe ever.

Baby, you are bloody brilliant. 

Viva la revolution, Northerners. And viva la PICNIC, obviously. 

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