#13 WFM Music Pile-up | ft. Children of the State

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WFM’s #13 Music Pile-Up ft. Children of the State, Abbie Ozard, Lizzie Read and more!

It’s been a really busy October and it isn’t even over yet, but we’ve been sent a whole host of tracks we just have to feature! Check out the list of tracks below and see of anthing takes your fancy, if so – let us know!

Children of the State – ‘Hot Money’

It’s such a shame 2020 has turned out to be a catastrpophy, because it really could have been the year for Children of the State. Nonetheless, they continue to deliver, especially with new track ‘Hot Money’. The track is big, heavy and a little bit sexy. Reminds me of Nick Cave, but slightly more upbeat. Excellent work from the five-piece, this slight different direction for the band looks to be going so well.

Abbie Ozard – True Romance’

We first came across Abbie Ozard when she released ‘TV Kween’ earlier this year. She’s followed up with ‘true romance’ which paints the picture of falling in love at a young age so well. The track is classic guitar pop, which is a sound that Abbie has started to carve her own identity out of, which is great to hear.

Pacific – ‘State of Mind’

Pacific haven’t let 2020 become a reason to slow down, as they release their third track of the year with ‘State of Mind’. This newest track is dramatic is and larger than life in parts, with some stellar vocal work across the whole track, a performance I would love to see live. Pacific simply don’t sound like a small band, they’re production is perfect and they’re the real deal.

Lizzie Reid – ‘Seamless’

There’s been a couple of artists who have started their musical journey in the troubled times of 2020, and Lizzie Reid is one of those artists. After debuting with ‘Tribute’ earlier in the year, she returns with ‘Seamless’, which is heart wrenching beautiful. The slow crescendo built throughout the song is masterfully done, and Lizzie’s vocals are delivered so naturally, it’s as if she’s talking to you it sounds that effortless. Can’t wait to hear more from the Glasgow based artist.

Kashmere – ‘Drive’

Kashmere are back with their first track of 2020 entitled ‘Drive’, which has a real 80’s infused disco feel. The hooks are shiny, glistening and just ooze cool. The futristic guitars and drum sounds on the song legitimately makes you feel like you’re taking a drive through space, and fo that alone it deserves some attention.

Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue – ‘I Can Run Faster Than Your Car’

Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue not only have a great band name, but some excellent tracks too. ‘I Can Run Faster Than Your Car’ is a really fun playful song, with upbeat guitar parts and slightly high pitched vocals delivered by Kami Ivanova. It’s a really easy listening track where you don’t have to take anything too seriously – just enjoy it.


Next up we have some new music from the ever growing scene in Birmingham! Kate B’Mand has released her newest track ‘THE START OF NOTHING’ which has been solely produced and it’s understatedly brilliant. You get a similar vibe from The New Consistent with the off the cuff delivery, and it works so well. Please recognise the serious talent here from the 17 Year old.

Safety Jacket – ‘Growing Apart’

Finally we have Safety Jacket, a singer songwriter from Brighton making his WFM debut with his new track ‘Growing Apart’! The song tells a detailed story of two people gradually seperating, as George Smale (Safety Jacket), takes you through the events which leads to the final separation. It’s a tidy piece of songwriting, with the lyrics being one of the strongest features in there, be sure to go and check out more of his material!

Thanks for taking the time out to check out the latest music pile-up, if you have any tracks you would like to be shared – please send em’ across!

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