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Luca Wilding releases new track ‘Ruby, Don’t Cry’

As his third single of 2020, Luca Wilding has created a beautiful portrayal of a mysterious girl he once met through his music. His latest single ‘Ruby, Don’t Cry’ will transport your head above the clouds in his own dream-folk way. 

It’s elegantly poetic, which is elevated by his gentle use of instruments. ‘Ruby, Don’t Cry’ explores the life of a desolate woman, unhappy and holding onto her gloomy past. Whilst Wilding’s narrative drives the song forwards, the tender drums and soft guitars are tranquil reminders of his talent for songwriting.

Luca’s own vocals are a comforting gift that are guaranteed to put any nervous mind at ease. Falsetto notes interact with his peaceful delivery in order to relax you right to the point of going to sleep.

For Wilding, ‘Ruby, Don’t Cry’ is much more than a song. “The thing I love most about this song is I have no idea who this person is, and I probably never will. I imagined this world of liberation for her, in which strength and inner beauty are rewarded with freedom.”  

Luca Wilding brings us some peace in this chaotic time with his single ‘Ruby, Don’t Cry’.

Listen to the brand new track from Luca Wilding on Spotify below:

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