#12 WFM Music Pile-Up | ft. Sophie Jamieson

sophie jamieson

WFM’s #12 Music Pile-Up (FKA Weekly Music Round-Up) featuring Sophie Jamieson!

As a music blog, we’re sent a TON of music on a daily basis and pretty much want to feature everyhing that has been sent to us! Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. So, to combat this we will be running a Music Pile-Up to cover everything we didn’t get round to, but still desperately wanted to feature. I hope you enjoy the selection on offer, and thanks to all the artists waiting patiently for to be featured!

Sophie Jamieson – ‘Release’

2020 is turning into quite the pivotal year for Sophie, with it being her most active as an artist. With several releases throughout the year, you can’t help but think if venues were open it could have taken it to another level. Nonetheless, the new track ‘Release’ is a wonderfully soft song, with minimal instrumentals, all coming together to create this really intense atmospheric masterpiece.

Kid Cusine – ‘Something Better’

It was a delight when Kid Cuisine came through the email inbox with their new track ‘Something Better’. Their dirty, garage, lo-fi sound is something which really appeals to me, and ‘Something Better’ has this in bags. Love the overall under-produced feel of it all and how raw it comes across – keep tabs on these!

Alex Amor – ‘The Part With Each Other’

Normally at WFM we’re not ones for all out pop songs, but when the lines are blurred and executed so brilliantly – it’s hard not to fall in love. Alex Amor’s debut track ‘The Part With Each Other’ is perfect at blurring these lines, combining beats from something you may here in Tyler the Creator’s Igor with wonderous vocals and it works so well – take a listen!

The Dawdler – ‘Crocodile

The Dawdler’s new track does anything but dawdle. ‘Crocodile’ is a well paced out song with some larger than life moments all centering around a simple guitar riff. The use of synths and drums are perfect, getting the best out of each element and refusing to use them for the sake of using them. Must admit, before ‘Crocodile’ The Dawdler was not on my radar – but they are now.

Spacetoast – ‘Little Red Car’

Spacetoast are a four piece band hailing from the East-Midlands, and their new track ‘Little Red Car’ is a catchy number. The band seem to have a very DIY approach in regards to their sound and attitude across the track. Before the minute mark you think you’re listening to an indie band, but they quickly sway into a much more grungey, garage output – and it’s perfect.

Babe Club – ‘Automatic Love’

We’re gonna wrap it up today with Babe Club a three-piece dark alt-pop band, who have everything going for them. Their new track ‘Automatic Love’ is a slow-paced triumph, with lucious vocals and an exqusite use of the synths. You’re delivered this rich, vibrant textured style of music which the band have clearly developed and refined throughout their existance and I’m annoyed I’ve only just come to find out about them!

That’s it for this time, hope you enjoyed all the tracks! We will be back soon with another Music Pile-Up, if you have any tracks you’d like to get featured – please get in touch!

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