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Coach Party refuse to talk and get Single of the Week!

With it being a Sunday, it means at WFM we have to select a Single of the Week. A track which has stood out from the rest, and we want to shine a bit more of a light on.

This week we have Coach Party and their brand new single ‘Can’t Talk, Won’t’, which continues the momentum they’ve built up throughout 2020. Earlier in the year, the band released their debut EP Party Food which received excellent feedback. Some bands may have taken that and had a bit of rest – but not Coach Party. Since then they’ve released ‘Bags’, and now unleashed ‘Can’t talk, wont’.

So why this track? Well it opens up with an electric riff, sonic sounds and the lyrics; “Did you not feel old today? / unacheived and far away from my own goals / in my life“, which was enough to grip me. The track is relatively straight forward but massively catchy, the chorus is a joy to sing to at the top of your lungs with pop tendencies behind it.

Favourite part of the the track has to be the breakout, the straight drum riff and intense vocals singing; “Don’t think that I wanna die / don’t think that I wanna die / don’t think that I, wanna die“, I could see this going down incredibly well at live shows – especially with the impressive guitar riff following it.

Love this from Coach Party, and if you weren’t arleady following the band, then you should probably start now!

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