Sapphire Blues – ‘Ourselves Forgotten’ | New Music

New Sapphire Blues Track Shows Them Pick Up From Where They Left Off

Their latest track might be raucous post-punk with the hometown poetry vibe of Fontaines D.C. and likeminded bands, but Sapphire Blues are very much their own band, as they continue to prove on ‘Ourselves Forgotten‘, the follow-up to ‘119’, released earlier this year.

It begins with an instantly enchanting bassline before we grow into the first verse, complete with relentless cross-rhythms giving an anarchic punk vibe. With Sam Lance Jones’ vocals, you’d be forgiven for thinking that he’s a seasoned punk poet – they exude that sort of feel, and work alongside the frenetic rhythms running through here for a storming energy.

Clocking in at just under three minutes, there’s no risk of ‘Ourselves Forgotten‘ outstaying its welcome. In contrast, it’s the sort of song that has you reaching for the repeat button; based on this showing, if anyone’s going to be forgotten, it isn’t going to be Sapphire Blues.

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