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Dan Sumner 2020

Dan Sumner releases new track ‘Let the Light In’

Off the back of his previous release ‘Electric Light’, which was released earlier this year, Dan Sumner has released new track ‘Let the Light In’. Sumner’s singer songwriter style approach to song is very much all over this track, with subtle guitar work and a soft approach to singing, the song is a breeze.

The chorus is memorable as Dan soft lays the words; “You’ve gotta let the light in”. Which channels the exact message Dan wanted to give throuh the song: “It’’s about someone locking themselves away from the world and everyone they know and is a plea for them to look outside to see that there are people who love them and a world outside which has a lot to offer.”

If you like your folk-rock music, then Dan’s work is certainly something you should be checking out. With a great selection on his Spotify, you can also listened to Dan’s previous material from his first venture with The Dan Sumner Quartet.

Listen to the brand new track from Dan Sumner on Spotify below!

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