Dark Tropics – ‘Moroccan Sun’ | New Music

dark tropics band
Photo by Wrapped in Plastic

Dark Tropics released debut ‘Moroccan Sun’

Sometimes, the best way to overcome heartbreak is to dance until your feet hurt. That’s the exact attitude adopted by pop noir duo Dark Tropics in their latest single ‘Moroccan Sun’. It’s only their second official track, but it’s so good it’ll fool you into thinking they’ve been writing music forever (and they probably have!).

Combining heartache with summer, Dark Tropics have created a warm and fuzzy track to accompany us into the colder months. There are contrasting sections between the verses, choruses and the bridge, but all embody the same summer spirit. It explores differences between personal and public as ‘the city still wants me but you don’t’. The soothing vocals are guaranteed to put you at ease, alongside gleeful guitars and stylish bass lines.

If it means playing ‘Moroccan Sun’ everyday, then maybe your next heartbreak won’t be so bad. The only way to find out is to open your ears, close your eyes and blast Dark Tropics.

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