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A quick catch up with Cage Park discussing the Birmingham music scene, ‘Parma Violets’ and musical influences!

Congratulations on 10,000 streams on Parma Violets! Is there anything you would like to say to your fans regarding this milestone?

Thank you so much for sticking by us while we didn’t have anything out and we couldn’t even find a name. Honestly, it took us a really long time to get things back up and running again but the response since has been amazing. We’re really fortunate to have listeners who were willing to wait and so yeah, just a massive thank you to everyone!

Your new single, Kitchen Floor, is releasing in just 5 days! What can you tell us about this tune? 

It’s one of our most complex songs but it’s still upbeat and dancy. It’s about Friday nights with friends all sitting around a kitchen table – at some point we always end up on the floor as well! The song tries to mimic the feelings you get when surrounded by people you can be yourself and have fun with. 

For those familiar with your band, you formerly went under the name FLARES. Was changing your name a difficult process? 

It was stupidly hard! When thinking of a name before we took a while but eventually just went with something we sort of liked – FLARES. At that point we didn’t even check what other Flares there were on Spotify. Safe to say, we did a lot more checking this time round so as not to get in the situation again. 

You now go under the name Cage Park, what’s the significance of this name? 

Cage Park has a bit of King’s Heath in it. There’s a park just at the end of the high street which has adopted the name ‘Cage Park’ so we thought it sounded good, looked quite good and had a good connection.

Who would you say has influenced your sound the most? 

Our influences have quite a range because we all grew up with completely different music. There’s quite a lot of Pixies influence and their sound comes through. Leo grew up on Nirvana and Soundgarden yet there’s also a bit of King Krule in our music somewhere. Our parents’ music has definitely influenced us the most. 

Being from Birmingham, what bands or artists should we be looking out for in Brum?

We’ve played with such a range of people but the group we went to Bristol with are amazing. The New Consistent is so unique and has a great sound and The Novus put on a great show with loads of energy. Pretty Vile and 1212 too because the Birmingham punk scene is full of really lovely people and great talent. 

What song of yours are you the proudest of? 

We’ve managed to write a lot over the lockdown all remotely and there’s definitely our best work in there somewhere, we’ve honed our sound a lot more. It’s still got a lot of FLARES in it but with something exciting and new. Have to say though, Tunnel Vision has earned its place just because of the response we get off the crowd when we play it. 

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