Video Premiere | Pace – ‘Boatman’s Weather’

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Pace release brand new video for ‘Boatman’s Weather’

On August 28th Pace released ‘Boatman’s Weather’ on all streaming platforms, and today they’ve released the visionary companion to the song – and it’s beautiful.

The video is a perfect representation of the song, with the feeling of being alone and dealing with the issues that life throws at you from time to time. Flimed majority in black and white the imagary is really striking, especially the shots in the forest. The video is inspired by the bands favourite movies such as Seventh Seal, The Lighthouse and also nods to Buster Keaton silent films which really shines through.

Watch the ‘Boatman’s Weather’ video from Pace below:

The song has many layered harmonies, combined with cultured with dark synths and textured guitars it equates to this real mature and refined sound that Pace seem to have developed with ease. There’s some really good lyricism throughout the whole track, and this is heightened due to the way they’re delivered, lines like; “Wish i’d tried harder / when I was younger / I regret it everyday”.

The ending of the song is also magnificent as it builds to this larger than life crescendo, delivering the ending which this song really deserves.

Since discovering Pace they’ve quickly become one of our favourites here at WFM, and it’s song like this which really seperate the band from their comntemporaries. Looking forward to what the band can deliver going forward, and hopefully see them perform live (if live performances can ever happen again.)

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