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Photo by Christian Colomer and Ricardo San Feliu

MOURN deliver new track ‘Men’ for Single of the Week

As WFM ritual, every week we select a track we feel needs to be given some extra credit for it’s release, and this track is called Single of the Week.

This week we have some fresh faces who have never been covered before here on WFM with Spansish post-punk trio MOURN and their blistering new release ‘Men’. This comes off the back of their track ‘This Feeling Is Disgusting’, which was amazing in its own right and ‘Men’ follows suit.

The track centers around how women are treated differently in society on a day to day basis, with the band explaining; “This song is about walking the streets and having to deal with looks, words and attitudes from different men. To enter a store and be treated differently than male clients, and the same at work.“. From the first 30 seconds you grasp this message and you’re hooked, as you listen to these expereinces being reeled off.

With the songs subject being so strong (rightly so), the band back it up with some fierce musicality. It’s driven by agression in the way the vocals are delivered, but it’s not pure shouting/screaming as there’s pitch perfect delivery on every note.

The guitar and drum work on the track are also stellar, creating this underbelly of chaos to help drive the points home. The vocals take these half second pauses, creating these mini drops which sound so good, and is a testament to how tightly knit of a band they are.

Honestly loved this track, and after this release MOURN can be sure they have another set of fans here at WFM!

Don’t miss out on their upcoming album Self Worth  Friday 30 October

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