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A quick chat with Howie Payne after his new track ‘It feels like summer

JH: Your latest single, ‘It Feels like summer’ is out now, just how proud of this song are you? 

It came from nowhere, pretty much fully formed; it doesn’t often happen that way so when it does it’s a pretty special event.

JH: You had to complete the mixing process yourself, is this something you enjoyed doing, did it prove to be a challenge? 

Yeah, I dug it. I like mixing anyway , I’m not trained in it or anything and I defiantly came at it more like a songwriter. I mixed the ‘In Dreams’ EP that came out in May at home too, the challenge with it, and ‘It Feels Like Summer’, was that I was doing it at home and didn’t have much equipment, just and little UAD interface and a Mac book.

JH: What was your inspiration for ‘It feels like summer’?

Hard to say, lots of things. Like I say it came in one go, so I didn’t feel compelled to write a particular kind of song about anything, it just happened.

JH: You are very highly regarded on the British music scene by many legends of the craft, who is the most surreal person you’ve ever been complemented by? 

Neil Young. I went for dinner with him once and he told me he was into my music, and I was just knocked out by that. 

JH: After only 2 albums, critical acclaim and 5 top 40 singles The Stands disbanded. If that decision was never made, where do you think the band would be now? 

Who could know?

JH: Your third solo album is due in 2021, do you think this work differs from your other stuff, do you feel you’ve evolved as an artist since your last venture in 2017?

Yeah, Absolutely. I think it’s the best I’ve done. Musically speaking it’s heavier and got more groove. 

JH: What song of yours are you proudest of?

Always the most recent one.

JH: You have toured with some prolific names, who is your personal highlight? 

The Oasis and the Jet tours were pretty special, they’re both brilliant live bands, totally different, totally brilliant. We were all hanging around together a lot at that time too, so you know, being on tour as a big bunch of mates, that was good.

JH: What is the best and worst show you’ve ever played? 

Best, The Old Queen’s Head show in London just last February. It was the first show with the new band, and they were on fire. It was absolutely rammed too, and the crowd were singing all the tunes and all that, just magnificent. Worst… dunno there’s been a lot of mad shows. 

JH: Who is your biggest inspiration as an artist?

All the good music.

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