Hit the Floor – ‘City Tricks’ | New Music

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Hit the Floor are set to release new track ‘City Tricks‘!

Hit The Floor are back, slowing down their sound and reinventing themselves in the process.  

Hit The Floor released their punk filled first single ‘Shoes’ back in May and have since been working on their latest project, ‘City Tricks’. 

On this track, lead vocalist Carys May casts her mind back to simpler times, singing about where she came from and the good times that she used to have when she was younger. Moving into the chorus she switches her focus to adapting to city life and leaving people behind. 

Musically this song is more mature than the groups last. We can evidently see a wider range of influences here, with jazz now very prominent as each instrument embarks on their own journey, through the laxed drum beat, the light guitar work and the striding piano. 

I believe that this is the best Hit the floor tune to date and I am getting increasingly excited about the EP that will release at the end of the year, and I hope to see more of the talented individuals in this up and coming group to watch!

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