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Tugboat Captain release new track ‘Day to Day’

Like Blur’s ‘Parklife’ except posh, Tugboat Captain’s new single ‘Day to Day’ dwells on everyday mundanities, capturing the angst of a disenfranchised generation. A group difficult to confine within something as irrelevant as a ‘genre’, the band have always verged on the unconventional. Previous tracks like ‘Dreams (Memes & Schemes)’ have brought the over-production of classic rock to the meme-centric 21st century. It’s of little surprise then, that with this latest offering the London-based four piece show no signs of making their way to the straight and narrow.  

Despite closing the band’s debut studio album (recorded at the prestigious Abbey Road), there’s a wonderfully chaotic feeling of home production which gives the track its soul. The orchestral accompaniments which support morbid lyrical remonstrations are not cousins of the Albert Hall, rather disruptive siblings of the school orchestra. Horn blasts and woodwind are slightly off-key, matching the off-centre poshness of the band’s public-school boy sounding vocalist Alexander Sokolow. Amongst broad remonstrations against fate “I’m not designed for hope”, it’s the small victories which really count; “each day’s a success if I can pay for my own smokes”. 

In spite of the single’s dry and dour lyrics, it all feels wonderfully silly. It’s a similar posh-punk theme as successfully exploited by the likes of Sports Team, yet Tugboat Captain feel altogether more cartoonish. As the track’s conclusion gives in to the beautiful chaos, you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. The slapstick comedy of Sokolow’s yells of “God I’m depressed!” contrasts a euphoric instrumental conclusion. It’s an absolutely textbook example of what Tugboat Captain do best. With new album Rut out on 16th October, the “ramshackle orchestra of friends” look set to continue funnelling the world’s chaotic energy into their singalong anthems.

Words by Adam Goldsmith

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