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Club Paradise discuss new EP, lockdown and upcoming North East Acts!

1. First of all, how was Club Paradise born?

We’ve all been friends and played music together for years, it was completely natural for us to just start releasing music that we enjoyed creating as a group, we spent a while making sure we were doing what we love and then once we figured that out we just decided to release as much as we could!

2. How did the name Club Paradise come about?

3. You’ve recently released the track ‘Growing up’, which ties into your previous track ‘Teenagers’. How has lockdown been a time to reflect for you guys?

Lockdown’s been weird. All of us have been working full time so reflection has been quite minimal. That being said it’s definitely had an effect on us in very different ways: from anxiety fuelled moments to recording in isolation over calls which has been a bit of tech fun

4. What would be your one piece of advice for teenagers growing up right now?

Just please cherish every second of being a teenager. It’s a crazy time, you’ll hate a lot of it and love a lot of it but make sure you’re doing what you want to do and you’re where you feel like you want to be and make the most of it

5. Your latest EP is full of contagious tracks, how would you best describe your own sound, and with what major influences?

This is a funny one, we all have such different influences and listen to so many different things from heavy metal to hip hop. As a group it wouldn’t be a miss to cite some favourites like White Lies, The Midnight, Jungle and The Horrors.

6. Has your songwriting process differed much over the past couple of years?

The process hasn’t really changed but we go about it in a new way, especially with lockdown. We used to all be in the room together whenever any idea was explored, but now with life and what have you in the way, we might write something individually or just as a couple of us, but the process is largely the same in that myself or Jackson will have an idea which we expand upon

7. If you were to play in your dream venue, which one would mean you were in your own paradise?

Wow this is tricky. I’d love to headline Paradiso in Amsterdam, that place looks sick.

8. Do you each have one album that you’d consider a game changer? One that made you realise music is what you want to pursue.

Either Hot Fuss by The Killers or Folie a Deux by Fall Out Boy, I have never turned either of those off since I heard them.

9. You guys are quite prominent in the North East music scene, are there any fellow upcoming bands that we need to watch out for from there?

Absolutely tonnes of lovely stuff going on up here, a couple of my favs are Noyou, Trunky Juno and Mt Misery but the list could go on and on, so here’s a couple more: bigfatbig, deep.sleep, ghost//signals, picnic

10. What’s your next step – new music? Tours? Album? Give us something!

An EP of alt remixes, more singles and some really special physical stuff!!!

The aforementioned EP of alt remixes is out now and goes by the name ‘Something More Personal’. It features vamped up versions of already dance-around-the-kitchen anthems. Of these tracks, each of them hold their own unique quality, proving that this is a band that can experiment. 

‘Brother’ intertwines different soundscapes such as a radio and police sirens in a grand buildup of the song before the climax. It’s spacey and could be placed in action packed films. Similarly, ‘Teenagers’ is largely instrumental and imitates nature. Where guitars once were, flutes now stand. It’s a credit to their songwriting.

‘Closer’ features a synth-based soundtrack with punching drums that nicely tie back to their original material. Contrastingly, ‘Kirby Keger’ is a gentle, slowed down version to help find your zen.

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