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Eades continue spectacular 2020 with ‘I Want More’

Not content with releasing one of the most enthralling EPs of the year, Eades return with new single ‘I Want More’. It details the struggle of trying to find a balance between achieving your dreams and working the monotonous grind of 9-5 life. I think we all know the pain of being close to something pivotal but having to tear yourself away so you can put up with another day of Jane’s mundane phrases of “happy hump day!” and “fri-yay!”. Piss off, Jane. It’s Monday. 

The song begins rather easily as guitars lay down the most casual of riffs against a steady beat and vocals that still seem drowsy from its slumber. It reminds me of heading to the train station each morning, sun in the eyes as I stumble my way into a somewhat respectable existence. The first coffee of the day kicks in as Eades tear through the laid-back vibes with a thunderous set of riffs and melodies that gets the blood pumping. The passion that comes through the vocals at this moment is palpable as you can really feel the strain in not wanting to look at another spreadsheet, but rather dive straight back into what gets you really showing up for life the next day. 

‘I Want More’ is a great song from Eades. The Leeds outfit have produced something that’s going to hit a lot of individuals in the feels, as the relatability factor is strong. None of us want to go to work but listening to this song makes it that bit easier.

Words by Adam Reeve

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