Affair – ‘Clouds’ | EP Review

affair clouds ep artwork

Affair have our heads spinning with the release of debut EP Clouds

The best way to describe synthwave duo Affair would be to think about the future. Robots, flying cars and new technology are things that spring to mind when listening to any of their music. After a long eight year break, the pair have emerged even bigger and better than before with their seven song EP ‘Clouds’.

Clouds’ is one of the most unique and curious EPs I have ever heard. There are no conventional boundaries, making it difficult to put a finger on what makes it so good. But like most good things, it’s addictive. Each track has its own eccentric characteristics, but synths tie each of the tracks together with  a recurring streak. The vocals really cement the peculiar (and impressive) soundtrack.

The opening track ‘To Get’ features synths with differing dynamics to create texture. Kirsty’s vocals are sporadic, and bounce around this song like a ball around an empty room. ‘Finger Tight’ follows on nicely, but with a much more jabbing drum beat. All of the tracks are packed with sounds to always keep your attention.

Sideways’ differs from the intense synth style of the others, and is quite minimal. With what sounds like a spoon on a pan keeping beat, there are limited instruments, but it’s highly effective. Lyrics; “I throw my thoughts out in a bottle and watch them come back on me” show a struggle of mental health. When speaking about the EP, Kirsty and Mike said how “it made us realise how relevant (the songs) were to the current circumstance and how the songs themselves offer some escapism.”

The last song ‘Higher Still’ was released as a single prior to the EP, and perfectly captures the weird and wonderful songwriting done by this band. It incorporates breathing, with layers of vocals and (you guessed it) synths. 

Affair have delivered a completely immersive EP that’s bound to get your head stuck in the ‘Clouds’.

Listen to the debut EP from Affair on platforms everywhere!

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