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‘Nothing More’ is needed from new track delivered by TV People

The Irish Rock outfit TV People are back with their latest single, ‘Nothing More’, bringing fresh garage sounds laced with grunge and intensity. 

Since the release of their first demo, ‘Healthier Days’ back in 2019, the band have come a long way, having released 2 singles, ‘Time eats up’ and ‘Kitchen Sinking’, and have received plays on BBC Radio 1 and have achieved acclaim across the UK. ‘Nothing more’ is a very reflective track. Paul Donohue sings about the teenage angst and the struggle to cope with the ever-changing world around you. 

It also tackles the message that life is eventually pointless, with its inevitable end that comes to every single person on the planet. Whilst lyrically the song is brilliant, it is also matched by the fantastic musical ability of the Dublin quartet. 

The band told Gigwise : “It reflects on the superficial challenges of finding yourself that you face in adolescence and early adulthood, and contrasts these with a deeper existential anxiety that emerges in their place as you begin to overcome them. The song documents the experience of trying to make peace with the realisation that life may be inherently meaningless and deal with the burden of being responsible for your own life’s purpose. It was written remotely during the lockdown period by sending each other music and mixing a home demo which was a new way of writing for us.

‘Nothing More’ is available to stream everywhere now!

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